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Our Favourite Links

Rachel Parkinson is the bottom half of Frenulum. Check out her solo stuff.

Rachel Parkinson solo - her website

Pearl Drums

Pearl drums. Why use anything else? (Unless you are going to be cleaning the toilet, in which case you probably wouldn't use a drumkit, you would be more likely to use a toilet brush.)

Maton Guitars

Maton Guitars. Why use anything else? (Unless you were going to play drums and then you would probably use a Pearl Drumkit.)

Melband - Melbourne Music

Melband webpage. Everything you need to know about musical things in Melbourne.

Exploding Daisies

Exploding Daisies. They were OK. Their drummer was a spunk.

Oz Music Project - The Definitive Australian Music Resource.


come & hear our music!

Come & listen to our music!

Flying Solo with Manda Hug on 88.3 Southern Fm


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