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Welcome to Frenulum!

Frenulum are Rachel Parkinson & Jo Russell

Frenulum translates roughly as objects which connect. Well in a beautiful world we'd say that is what these girls aim to do - to help you connect with each other, with them, with the whole marvellous universe and all it contains... That's not the case here, as they are named in dedication to a friend who has his frenulum pierced (look that one up in your medical dictionary).

Rachel was (and i guess still is) a drummer (drama??) who went through many a band experience in her journey to picking up a guitar.

Jo just loves to sing and play her guitar and found spunky Rachel on the internet looking for the same.

By their powers combined and with the help of two beautiful Maton guitars, they combine folky, girly, ambient pop to harmonious perfection just coz they love to...............

jo & rachel at a recent gig

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